Our philosophy


We are commited to provide our clients with the best of knowledge in computer science and technology. 

We are not just the ordinary computer technicians, we are computer systems analysts with over  28 years of computer experience in a wide area of industries within and outside the United States of America.

Our Technicians will  assist remotely or in house, located within the US territory! fully bilingual with a vast knowledge not only as a computer techs, but also in Customer Service.


"Rick Guzman, CEO StaffCall Outsourcing dba PCDOCTORS411.COM    & GOPHER COMPUTER DEFENDERS"

We provide computer hardware support, including but not limited....  to COMPUTER TROUBLESHOOTING AND SUPPORT.

We provide Computer troubleshooting and tech support to small, med, and large corporations worldwide as we provide remote access tech support using state of the art computer software and hardware. 

SYSTEM TROUBLESHOOTING: We will Investigate and Fix problems with your system. Our Computer Specialists, will use Advance system optimizer tools to analyze and to gather information from your computer in regards of software as we can mention Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows Servers, and hardware problems that your computer or laptop is experiencing. We will create a written report and and explain it to you before we work in your computer.

SYSTEM PERFORMANCE : We will run our tools to test and analyze and improve slow system performance. Some times Windows 7, Windiows Vista, Windows XP and some other software, will require to be cleaned and optimized to help your computer run smoothly without you to expend a fortune buying useless software or hardware. We use Windows resources to accomplish this tasks, we will also teach you and advice you in what to do to avoid your computer crashes or slowiness.

BACK UP AND RECOVERY : We will preserve your files in case of system failure. We will back up all your data in DVD's, CD's or Flash Drives before working in your computer systems. We will also implement and schedule tasks to run at any given time for you not to worry about loosing data, pictures, music, etc.

SECURITY : Prevent and repair virus, spyware, malware infections. We will install friendly tools in your computer which will help you to block "Nasty" virus, trojan horse, spyware, malwares, rootkit virus, which could damage your computers sytems regarless of how new or old the computer system is.

NETWORK AND INTERNET : Set-up, Manage and maintain wired and wireless network connections. We are specialized TEAM of professional Technicians, ready to design any computer network, LAN, WAN, Virtual Private Networks and remote access to your computers in your home or office. Call us... we will be able to help you at any given time.

SOFTWARE PROGRAMMING : If you or your company have a need of any software... We can custimize it!, create a software from scratch based on your company's needs and insdustry. Call our team of developers (USA based) not in any other country. We do not outsource our computer services outside our area of operation.

WEB-SITE/GRAPHIC DESIGN : Do you have an idea or product that you would like to sell? Then.. let us help you to develop the web site for you.

TIME AND ATTENDANCE SOFTWARE : If you have employees and you would like to keep track of time in and time out for your employees, in order to be in compliance with CAL/OSHA, Industrial Relations Department from the Department of Labor Laws of
California and in compliance with Federal Laws, we can help you to set-up and customize software for your company's needs.

PAYROLL SOFTWARE : Do you want to run your own payroll in your office? print checks with all the deductions? check stubs, 1099-MISC form, Do you want to create 940 Federal Forms, 941 Federal Forms, DE9-State Forms, DE34 State Forms, Workers Compensation Reporting, Gross Proffit and Gross Margin reports? or you may want to create invoices with customized logol including client databases? Please call us for a free consultation.