Our philosophy


We are commited to provide our clients with the best of knowledge in computer science and technology. 

We are not just the ordinary computer technicians, we are computer systems analysts with over  28 years of computer experience in a wide area of industries within and outside the United States of America.

Our Technicians will  assist remotely or in house, located within the US territory! fully bilingual with a vast knowledge not only as a computer techs, but also in Customer Service.


"Rick Guzman, CEO StaffCall Outsourcing dba PCDOCTORS411.COM    & GOPHER COMPUTER DEFENDERS"

7/29/11 - 1 Technician co-located and  assigned to Long Beach Call State Area for tech support including South Long Beach, East Long Beach, Lakewood, and Santa Monica.

7/30/11 - Received a BIRD 5000 Repair Dark Infrared Reflow Station Reballing  a machine to reflow motherboards for Dell, HP, Toshiba, ACER and much more Laptop's brands.

7/30/11 - Tested BIRD 5000 Machine, working perfectly we were able to reflow 5 motherboards including a PC Motherboard.

7/24/11  - 1 Database Specialist Orange County

Quick Books error code: 14358 58537 SOLVED!

Troubleshooting Quick Books 2009 database file  was not able to open.

Checked data structure - running diagnostic tools for database - find no error. Re-register Quick books services. Database created with ver.R12 - Quick Books installation ver.R1 - system fixed. More users having same problem. Solved issue posted on Intuit community blogs as a solved matter.

7/14/2011 - Computer of returning client cleaned from virus due to P2P music download software was installed in system.

7/14/2011 - Quick books troubleshooting on computer system for accounting company in Downey, CA - completed

7/14/2011 - Wireless router installation on client's home in Pico Rivera, CA - wireless security set-up and  Apple Ipad system configured for wireless online access plus 1 laptop including printing - client dsl service is though Verizon home service. Technician needs to go back to work site for a service call to be completed,  installation of new usb wireless device to be installed in Dell computer

5/17/2011 - Remote access Tech support, for Cklass International in Fresno, CA - 2003 server was infected with virus and trojan horse, system was cleaned and tested ok.  - File maker Pro Database is up and running (Designed by Rick Guzman in 2001).

5/23/11 Traning in progress pharmaceutical Corp office finance Department in Irvine CA.  Quick books database created and testing in progress, Employees data entering for Account Payables and Receivables.  4 consecutive weeks progress will continue until 6/3/2011.

5/24/11 Virus removal continue in our office located in 9362 Telegraph RD - Downey , CA .

5/25/11 Virus and trojan horse infections are cleaned 7 days a week in our office.

5/26/11 LCD screen and power jacks are been replaced in our office - Call 562-261-5499 for more informacion on how to repair your computer.

5/27/2011 - We are taking the whole weekend OUT ! in observance of  Memorial Day 2011.

5/31/2011 - Fixing network printer in Huntington Park California - Hearing Aid Services company is having a problem with network printer (Old dot matrix printer , prints big fonts). Job is in progress.

6/1/2011 - Verizon installed 6 more telephone lines to assist us with the tech support service calls in our call service center to be open on 6/5/2011.

6/1/2011 - Hiring A+ Computer Technician, Please send your resume to support@pcdoctors411.com


6/1/2011 - 7/13/2011 - maintained computer system for small companies and home users. virus removal and laptop repairs from power jack removal and replacement, power jack repaired (de solder -re solder ) on laptops, specifically on HP computers, also ,  re-flow applied to more than 50 laptop (95% hp/COMPAQ AND 5% DELL LAPTOPS) technician barely served and repaired Toshiba or Sony Laptops.

6/15/2011 - Installed and configured Virtual Private Network for  payroll service company which include multiple workstation installed in 2 locations. Web based printing server installed. 

7/14/2011 - troubleshooting of payroll windows 2003 small business server at Staffing Service company in West Covina, CA.  COATS SQL SYSTEM was damaged due to exe trojan horse infection. system was fixed.


7/14/2011 - Installed new OC3 high speed digital lines to host clients web sites and data back up with online access.

7/14/2011 - Troubleshooting/clean up pc virus infection for Pico Rivera regular client.

7/14/2011 - Troubleshooting on client dell laptop , due to  Verizon wireless internet usb device was not responding. - Cleaned for virus and Norton 360 infected on exe files. system cleaned and Verizon wireless device is working to the fullest speed.

7/23/11 - (1 Tech) Huntington Park, CA Virus infection on Gateway SX2800-01 Desktop, PC Confidential virus detected and treated - Windows services and security accounts were disabled for virus attack - spread all over windows files and took control of  Security and Administration access to system - Programs will not run if double clicked - system cleaned and recovered, no data or pictures were lost. - System optimized and cleaned from junk internet temp files and other files. system running and tested ok.

7/22/2011 - (1 Tech)  HP DV9000 - LCD screen not turning on - Whittier CA 

Client laptop not turning on - problem  with overheating caused system not to boot up, Nvidia Graphic chip built into motherboard overheats constantly due to the overclocking of system with AMD Atlon or Duron microprocessor (CPU) - This is a well known issue, HP and Compaq Corp is aware of the problem and discontinued the production of system design.  - Our Tech department was able to fix system, re-flowing the mother board chip set and readjustment of main board bus utilizing an special machine to re-heat integrated circuits up to 850F. system fixed and tested ok.

7/22/2011 - (5 Techs) Welcome to our MCSE new team in Downey CA , after an intensive training in Santa Clarita, CA

7/22/2011 - (2 Techs) Check up of touch screen HP computer, as client stated that system black screen when going online. Client took PC to Best Buys Corp in  Downey,  which came up to an estimated to  repair of $200. due to system unstable and virus and spyware infections . We checked system for virus and spyware results were negative, system is well maintained by Norton 360 Firewall and Internet Security Suite.  The problem was related to Graphic Drive installed needs to be updated.  Temp Files were removed, windows update applied, memory dumps cleaned, file fragmentation cleaned, windows log files cleaned, dhs cache, FTP access  and size location cache cleared and the user assist history cleaned. System Fixed.

7/21/2011 - (1 Tech) - Downey, CA - Dell Inspiron E1505 -  Was not booting up.

Windows vista system un- responsive  due to trojan horse virus attack of windows operation system - system was cleaned from virus and windows was recovered to original stage. System tested ok.

7/21/2011 - (1 Tech) - Downey, CA - Sony Vaio system .Broken AC power Jack, system tested and power jack was broken from the inside socked which contains ground and positive charge conversion from DC to AC. Client advised of power jack replacement. Will be fixed later- AC Adapter was replaced. System tested ok. with some restrictions.

7/21/2011 - (1 Tech) - Computer repair center in Downey CA -Client computer is not able to attach files when sending emails trough Yahoo and Hotmail. Client having problems with systems since 2 weeks ago. We tested system and  fix the glitch in Internet Explorer Temp files and system security. Computer repaired same day. Tested ok.

7/21/2011 - (1 Tech) - Toshiba L305 - system hung at start up, makes 5 consecutive beeps and keyboard get stuck. System tested and notice that a unknown liquid was spit on the keyboard, and the keyboard board integrated circuits were contaminated. We cleaned and applied electronic cleaning solution to clear up liquid and sugared related spit, cleaned contacts and board controller, aisilated the keyboard metal back side with black duct tape, installed and tested ok. good job Rick!

7/21/2011 (1 Tech) -Toshiba L365 Laptop. CD disk got stuck inside DVD Rom. We got it out of drive and tested DVD Rom ok. Also, cleared  Laptop from junk files, trojan horse infection, spyware and windows bugs. System tested ok.

7/20/2011 (1 Tech) - Dell Laptop will not boot up. System was infected with Trojan Horses and spyware, system was cleaned and tested ok. after applying  anti-virus (Mccaffe internet Security) Cleaned of junk files and repaired Hard Disk boot sector - system tested ok.

- Computer Repair in Downey, CA -

5/1/2011- (2 Technicians) on site removing System Tools rogue virus attack - -virus did explode the week of 3/01/2011 - more than 750 computer infections cases has been reported to our facilities and 99.9% of the system had been cleaned successfully.

- Office Support in Vernon, CA

5/3/2011 - (1 Technician) Assigned to a Garment industry facility  troubleshooting internet connection issue, as client reported Dell computer freezes up while in Bank of America Secured web site. Network analyzer reports shows a glitch on Cat-5 cable running from Network Adapter to main 100mbps Hub.  Estimated time of completion 1 more day.

- Office Support in Fresno, CA

5/5/11 - (2 Technicians) Assigned to Shoe Factory, cleaning computer systems and updating Windows Server 2003 - Systems monitoring in effect since 3/1/2011 - Filemaker Pro 7 Database system has been missing scripts and links, Master file fixed and system backed up.


- Office Support - Holywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 5/8/11 (1 Technician) Fixing Dell Laptop, Nvidia Graphic adapter has been shut down. No image is present on screen.  A reflow service will be performed in Mainboard. System  will be ready for delivery  5/10/11 

- Corporate Office - Downey, CA

5/10/11 - (1Technician) fixing HP DV6000 Laptop, with video shut down - Nvidia Video chipset needs to be reflow. System will be ready by 3/17/2011.

- Office Service Call  - Downtown Los Angeles

5/10/11- Technician assigned to Staffing Agency  installing Coats SQL payroll system. SQL Server connection stablished.

5/12/11 - Continuing Fixing PC and Laptop from virus attack and trojan horse removal, spyware and malware removal, client computers optimization, windows vista removal and windows 7 installations.

 5/13/2011 - Irvine, CA - Installing NAS drive  to host Quick books database for pharmaceutical  Corporation, system installed and tested ok.

- Since Sept28 4pm - Database recovery in progress, client emptied trashcan deleting videos, pictures and very important documents.  We have recovered 90% of deleted data. We are checking for any extra deleted data from a smart phone micro card. Job estimated completion : 10/4/2012

- 10/1/2012 - Working in a DV9000 mainboard reflow. VGA chip has been locked, due to laptop overheating. Job estimated completion : 10/4/2012

- 10/3/2012 - Working on Dell Laptop, system has been tampered and held on  a non-disclosed pc repair center somewhere in Baldwin Park, CA. Laptop will not turn on and is missing some original ammount of memory. - Job estimated completion : 10/5/12.

- 10/3/12 - Working in a Dell XPS desktop,  Microsoft kernel sound driver is not working and drivers will not be recognized by system.  DFS option will be applied to see if  kernel  files are missing or been replaced by any virus or malware/spyware.  Job estimated completion : 10/5/2012.

- 10/3/12 - Working on Dell Computer, LCD HD broken screen 16" needs to be replaced. Awaiting for parts to be replaced. Job estimated completion : 10/8/2012.

- 10/3/12 - Working on Gateway laptop, system is not turning on due to false contact in keyboard connector.  Ordered a new keyboard as of 10/3/12. Job estimated completion : 10/8/2012.

- 10/3/12 - Working on HP desktop,  system is infected with new fake alert virus with FBI Logol in desktop due to software counterfit false alert. System was cleaned and testing - To be delivered on 10/4/12.

10/3/12 -  Working on Sony Vaio Power jack replacement (desoldering/soldering power jack from and to mainboard) - Laptop is not turning on due to power failure. Power jack ordered 10/1/12 and to be completed on 10/5/12.

10/3/2012 - Working on website for Zumba dancing studio in Pico Rivera, CA

10/3/2012 - Computer training started in Baldwin Park Computer Training Center located in 4153 N. Maine Street, Baldwin Park, CA 91706.

10/4/2012 - Working on Dell Inspiron mainboard reflow, due to overheating, system video was shutdown and locked. System is working after re-flow process . Job Completed 10/4/12.

10/4/2012 - Working on Dell XPS System, client will upgrado from Windows XP home edition to Windows 7 Professional Edition, needs to back up documents, pictures, music and videos. Microsoft Office 2010 also needs to be migrated to new OS . Job to be Completed 10/5/12.

10/4/2012 - Working on HP DV9000 system for Dental Office, Mainboard needs to be reflow, due to overheating, system video was shutdown and locked. System is working after re-flow process . Job to be Completed 10/5/12.

10/5/2012 - Service call from Rental Management company in city of Carson, CA - Needs to troubleshoot Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop with overheating problems and system is running slow, Mozilla Firefox web browser keeps crashing, System registry was cleaned removing junk files and obsolete registry keys. Checked Mcaffe anti-virus program which cannot update, system is working, Microsoft Office file validation update installed, security update for Microsoft Office Suite was also updated. Job Completed 10/5/12.

10/5/2012 Solved - Working on HP computer, did not want to turn on, reason found : Keyboard was shorten mainboard, keyboard was replaced and problem was solved.

10/5/2012 Solved - Broken LCD replacement for DV6000 HP Computer, Video inverter was check and is in working condition.

10/5/2012 Solved - Toshiba Hard Drive replacement from 80Gb to 350gb. System failure due to bad sectors in old 80Gb Sata Hard Drive.

10/5/2012 Solved - DV-9000 Mainboard replacement - system checked in working condition.

10/5/2012 Solved - DV9000 computer fixed, problem with horizontal lines across lcd screen, due to false contact in wireless card socket. System diagnostic and fixed.

10/6/2012 Solved - HP Desktop computer having problems with yahoo e-mail, when clients click on any received e-mail, will not open, there's a java script error at status bar. checked the IE8 settings at which securities were changed by trojan horse virurs, cleaned DNS redirection and host files were re-written.

10/8/2012 Solved - HP Desktop computer for Boost Mobile blue screen due to virus infection, rootkit trojan horse was blocking internet explorer to goto www.eripay.com page, system securities were changed and internet browsing redirection infection was found. System cleaned after long 3 hrs. of work, client was able to run quickbooks professional and login to boost mobile and virgin mobile payment center. system scanning was successful.

10/8/2012 Solved - Toshiba laptop with fake FBI logo on desktop, virus removed and treated. All data was save and backed up to external hard drive.

10/8/2012 In progress - Dell computer system in same local network in Lutheran Church near our Downey office, having slowness issues, systems are treated accordingly and virus removal of whole LAN + VPN network will be done by 10/9/12

10/8/2012 In progress - HP DV6 with broken power jack was tested, and resold a new power jack, system is been tested. To be completed 10/9/12

10/8/2012 In progress - Toshiba laptop with overheating issues shuts down the GPA (Graphics Adapter) No video out to external monitor, motherboard will be re-flown on 10/9/12

10/8/2012 Solved - Ipod touch 4th.Generation broken screen including Digitizer+LCD screen was replaced and tested. IPOD will be delivered on 10/9/12 (Due to the volume of service calls for Ipod, Ipad, Iphone and Smart Phones, we are required to hire 2 more phone technicians, please apply for this positions on 4153 N. Maine Street, Baldwin Park, CA 91706. Be a part of the PCDoctors 411 !

10/8/2012 Solved - HP Pavilion Media Center M8100n TV PC having problem with built in video graphic adapter, turns on and off, fixed, graphic I/O broken , fixed and tested.

10/9/2012 Solved - Fix Rootkit DDSK Win32 virus related on DELL Vostro 200, virus infected boot sector of main partition and was running as a service when Desktop computer started. Virus was removed and reconnected to Local Access Network, CAT5 connections were tested, Internet Access Point was tested ok. Windows XP and Windows 7 troubleshooting, junk files removed and data back up.

10/9/2012 Working in Power jack replacement for SONY PCG-991L powerjack is attached to mainboard and will be Start desoldering process with adding some new fresh solder to all three contacts. This will make old solder more flowable, easier to remove. Thre resoldering process will start after. Estimate completion : 10/11/12

10/9/2012 Working in Motherboard replacement for HPG72, liquid spill on keyboard and filtrated to mainboard, shorten the inside contacts. Need to disassemble laptop and replace mainboard, must check DDR3 memory to see if still functioning, hard drive, DVD-Drive and all ather laptop components should work. Estimate completion : 10/15/12

10/9/2012 Working in Broken LED Screen replacement for Toshiba L505D laptop. Awaiting for LED to arrive. Client will wait a little bit longer, due to the price of the LED LTN160AT01 is high. Working in getting the LED Screen Estimate completion : 10/30/12

10/9/2012 completed - CPU Fan replacement for Toshiba P205-S7469 laptop. Awaiting for client for pick up.

10/9/2012 Fixed HP G72 laptop. Laptop was not turning on due to a shorten keboard connector. keyboard was replaced and cleaned from inside.Awaiting for client for pick up.

10/9/2012 working in a TOSHIBA L655D S5145 POWER JACK REPLACEMENT. Old Powerjack was broken and the powerjack socket compartment form the outside bezzel needs to be repair. Awaiting for parts : Estimate completion: 10/12/12

10/9/2012 working in a DV6000 mainboard reflow system was overheating and shuts down the Video Graphic Chip (VGA) will be reflown and will apply Artic 5 thermal paste and modify the heatshink for the airflow to be better and will replace CPU fan: Estimate completion: 10/12/12.

10/10/2012 Fixed HP DV4 laptop - malware and spyware removal, windows vista was running slow and security services were disabled for trojan horse virus. fixed and delivered.

10/10/2012 Fixed Toshiba laptop with broken powerjack, fixed and cleaned cpu fan, sink and applied artic 5 thermal paste.

10/10/2012 Fixed Dell Dimension, Operative System (Windows XP) was not loading, hard drive was not accessible,  we repair hard drive, data backup and repaired. Tested ok.

10/10/2012  Fixed Toshiba laptop, virus removal, windows was infected with rootkit trojan horse. fixed and tested 10/10/12

10/10/2012  Fixed DV6000 HP laptop, reflow and  fixed cpu fan, power button and ribbon were replaced.

10/10/2012 Fixed Ipod Touch 4th. Generation. (Technician Needed asap 562-261-6420).